‘Twas The Night After Christmas

‘Twas the night after Christmas

and, in the White House,

everyone was preparing,

it was time to carouse.


Prez was on vacation

and Valerie, too,

so most of the West Wing

had nothing to do.


They gathered their EOs

and wrote their emails

explaining their mishaps

and covering their tails.


They showed up on camera

and on the wide screen

explaining they’d no hand

in what went unseen.


They blamed it on Boehner,

on Reagan and Bush

but never Obama

when shove came to push.


They dug up some dirt

and, what they couldn’t find

they made up the details

(the press didn’t mind).


They used all the alphabet

agencies they could,

as if no one expected them

to be used just for good.


The death of the nation

that sent them their pay

was what they worked hard for,

not caring what way.


That such acts were forbidden

they didn’t much care

’cause if they succeeded

no power they’d share.


The only roadblock

they could see in their way

was that old “Constitution”

and those held in its sway.


There still were some people

who remembered the dream.

Who held to the vision

of what America means.


So try as they might

to “transform” it away,

there still burned some love

for the old U.S.A.


As long as that love

could not be put to rest

their efforts were wasted

they’d failed the test.


So know it, you people

who so love this land

that you are important

in helping her stand.


In keeping her breathing

in helping her live,

in showing our children

what Freedom can give.


So from this December

to a November night,

keep your eye on the target

and keep up the fight.


So, come next December

with a measure of luck

we can say of Obama

that he’s a “lame duck”.

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The Eve Of Another Battle For Freedom

Today is the day we celebrate the courage of our Founding Fathers in standing for Liberty in the face of military & political might arrayed against them that daunted most established nations on Earth. Today, we celebrate it, while facing a similar tyrannical threat but one that has arisen from within our country. It is not a threat we can ignore, nor is it a threat we can face easily. It is one, rather that deliberately threatens the destruction of everything we have held dear for the 237 years since that Declaration was first signed.

We must show the same courage, and overcome the same despotic greed, that our forefathers faced and overcame. We MUST do that, for, without the strength derived from love of Liberty and the desire to see that passed on to our children, we will see the end of America and as Ronald Reagan so clearly proclaimed, the likelihood of the permanent disappearance of the values upon which America has grown.

We must not weaken our resolve. We must not shrink from the sacrifices which will be called for. Instead, we must maintain our vision, maintain its focus on what we MUST achieve & never falter. Winning is the only option. It is one our opponents have embraced. So must we. For this is not a contest which will be decided by points…but by the writings of future historians. If they see America again as a beacon to the world…we will have won. If, instead, they see us sinking (as our opponents desire) into the darkness of forgotten empires…then our enemies will have succeeded. Humanity may never forgive us our failure as it will likely not credit us with our success.

God Bless America and may her banner ALWAYS be seen as guiding the paths of mankind into a brighter future.

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I Never Thought I Would See The Day

One of the wonders of the Internet is the way we can see how others view us in their semi-private moments. We can see their disgust, their mockery, their pride, their envy, their hatred…the whole gamut of emotions. Increasingly, those emotions have included a sense of amazement at the brainless idiocy which is displayed at home and abroad by our “leaders.” America – the wealthiest, most prosperous, most powerful nation ever seen on the Earth – is being torn asunder from within by a pack of amateurish thugs from a failed city in the our heartland…a city whose very name is synonymous with political corruption and criminal chicanery.

The damage to America’s reputation worldwide by the idiocy running rampant through the halls of our Fed Government may NEVER be repaired.  We have become the laughingstock of much of the rest of the world; and I have little doubt that that was a welcome consequence of this Administration’s policies. The consistency with which each action, each policy, each move by this Administration rebounds negatively on the U.S. passed the bounds of coincidence long ago. Only deliberately anti-American ideals can explain that unbroken litany of failure.

We can’t protect our own borders. We have brazen corruption taking place at all levels of our Federal Government. We minimize and neglect the support of the very people who are protecting us from the most malevolent ideology ever seen on earth. We have a Constitutionally protected “watchdog” that is more concerned with covering up the issues than they are with UNcovering them.  And we have a First Family (gag) that doesn’t even bother to hide their disdain and contempt for the rest of the citizens.

American’s have an amazing trust in our government. So much so that we assume the best from them even when it is painfully (VERY) obvious that they aren’t trustworthy in the least. That trust – and the willingness to abide by their edicts – is rapidly disappearing, though; and, in its place, we are seeing more and more anger, hostility and outrage. There is an increasing likelihood (IMO) that, unless something MAJOR happens to turn the tide, a spark (most likely deliberate) by the Executive Branch will turn into a full-on attempt to change the government..and it won’t be by peaceful means.

If that were to happen, many lives will be shattered and we will never see the innocent pride in our country that those of us born before Vietnam knew growing up. America may be “reclaimed”…but it will have a lasting cost and that loss will be a victory by our opponents, whether they survive to see it or not.  For that alone, the liberal/progressives and their self-centered greed for power, should be consigned to the hottest, most noisome depths of the worst precinct of Hell for all eternity.

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Memorial Day 2013

Personal feelings this weekend.

Walking down any street in this country, entering any mall, any tire store, any church or (definitely) any tavern, I know that I am surrounded by an invisible, but powerful brotherhood of men and women who put the well being of their country and fellow countrymen ahead of their own and will back that determination with whatever it takes..up to and including their own life.

These people don’t stand and pound their chests or expect others to respect them for anything other than what they ARE. They don’t wear armbands or wave banners to show their membership. What they do is, carry, within their hearts and within their souls, the knowledge that they stepped forward when the need was there – sometimes just in CASE the need arose – and did their job, their duty, their BEST. Some of those surrounding me are living, some have passed on; but ALL of them contribute to the strength of the bond between the people who have served in our Armed Forces and the buildings, soil, water, clouds, sky and people who live in this land for which they gave their righteous oath to protect.

I am an American. My color means nothing. My ethnicity means nothing. My political affiliation means nothing, My financial standing means nothing….to those who have fought and died or been wounded hideously just so I could someday be born into a free land. To them, being an AMERICAN is all that mattered.

And that is the purest definition of what being an American truly is.

I am so proud of you – you who are here, you who are gone, and you who are yet to be. May God watch over you all and shield you from harm; but, if harm DOES come your way, let him fill your soul with the sure, clear knowledge that we DO know, we DO remember, and we will NEVER forget!

God Bless!

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An Entreaty

Following is the letter I sent my Senator (Ron Wyden) on the eve of the vote on Gun Control legislation authored by Harry Reid and Dianne Feinstein.  I can only pray it accomplishes its goal


I chose “Guns” as the topic because that, on the surface, is what the Reid/Feinstein bills are about. At their heart, however, they are about something MUCH deeper. They are about the very bedrock upon which our country is built…the faith and trust we have in our Constitution and the people we elect to govern us in accordance with that document.

Parties are not named in the Constitution, nor should they be. It is a document about our NATION. A gathering of people who have grown and prospered under a common belief that the PEOPLE are the strength of a country and not the government. That, in fact, the government exists at the sufferance of the people and not the other way around.

The legislation being promoted and encouraged by Dianne Feinstein and Harry Reid (and supported by Barack Obama) flies in the face of that belief. Indeed, it forces anyone who might voice approval for it to break their sacred oath of office in the act of that approval.

The Bill of Rights is more than merely some legal verbiage added to the Constitution to fulfill the wishes of some minority or other. It is a wall, buttressed by the love of Freedom that burned within every Patriot who died creating this country and in keeping it Free. That wall was erected to stop just such mischief, such chicanery, such outright banditry as proposed by its sponsors. The legislation tries to stealthily amend, warp, twist and subvert the strongest defense the Constitution has…that of the American people to be able to defend themselves and IT from a government corrupt enough to consider its destruction.

I urge you – I BEG of you – PLEASE do not throw YOUR honor on the trash heap as Obama, Reid, Feinstein and others already have. PLEASE vote against that unimaginably vile attempt to poison the greatest hope that mankind has ever seen – the unique freedoms of the United States of America. Please vote no and stand with the heroes of our country instead of standing with those black souls whose names have been whispered through the ages for the depth to which their treachery took them.

May God guide your hand and send you along the right path.

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